What better way to stand out from your competition and increase your sales, than having a real person walk out on the pages of your web site, to talk to your sites visitors!

We call it "my Virtual Sales Person™"! We developed it, we are the first company to offer it, and we feel it will revolutionize today's web sites!

We’ve discovered that Website visitors are more willing to listen to sales messages, rather than read them.

Because a real person has the power to influence, motivate, and persuade prospects to click "Order Now" buttons faster and with less resistance, my Virtual Sales Person is the best-kept secret to dramatically increase Website response rates!

Normal Web Sites just offer text for a person to read about your company and why a person should work with you. But now, your site can have a real sales person walk out and deliver a sales message, special offering and company information, verbally. Making an impact on your customers that NO other site can!

Better yet, this technology requires NO software or plug in to view, No special high-bandwidth connection and NO special hosting requirements for your current site.